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“Royal Ribs at a Reasonable Price”

Our Delicious mission

 To only serve high quality meals that will meet our customers and company’s standards with consistency and efficiency each and every time; serving up respect and kindness in every meal that we create.

We Cater To You

any event-anytime

When you need us the most, we come through! We deliver the same quality, the same customer service, the same product and the best meal to any event you need us at. Small or large, we got you covered!

Second To

Our Delicious Vision

To become second to none; offering the best in BBQ while expanding as far as our demand takes us.

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They Say "It's The Best"

Our food speaks for itself and our customers put it in words!

"These are hands down the best bbq ribs and chicken I have ever tasted. We use The Duke of Ribs for all of our BBQ needs. They are always professional and go the extra mile to produce great food."

Samantha F

"Their Ribs are the best, tender with a taste you can't find anywhere else, get your order in! "

Gloria M

"I love to eat, but i don't eat anywhere. Great food, but i can't stop talking about the customer service, its amazing and so refreshing."


"A must visit for every steak lover, meat lover, rib lover, fish lover, if you love good food and great service, TheDukeOfRibs is the place to call!"

- Laura P


You can read about it, watch videos about it, hear about it, but you won’t really know about it, till you TRY IT!

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